Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Brew Scheduling

I sat down with the calender and tried to come up with some sort of brewing schedule to maintain a constant beer supply in my fridge. This would have to satisfy my thirst for delicious home brewed beer while at the same time trying not to make myself appear to be be a raging alcoholic. I eventually settled on a three week delay between batches, this delay may have to be adjusted as this thing continues on. Most likely, the delay will be shortened.

A four week brew cycle goes as follows:
Day 1 - Brew the beer
Day 7 - Rack to the secondary fermenter
Day 14 - Bottle Beer
Day 21 - Wait
Day 28 - Drink

This should coordinate well with my wifes menstrual cycle.

If I were to start a new batch every two weeks, I would be bottling batch 1 and brewing batch 2 around the same day. Putting three weeks between batches gives me something to do on day 28. I just hope that 50-60 bottles of beer is enough to get me through three weeks.... I might have to go to the beer store around day 35-40.

Amended brew cycle adding batch 2:

Day 1 - Brew batch 1
Day 7 - Rack batch 1 to the secondary fermenter
Day 14 - Bottle batch 1
Day 21 - Wait   brew batch 2
Day 28 - Drink batch 1 and rack batch 2
Day 35 - Bottle batch 2
Day 42 - Brew batch 3 and notice batch 1 is gone .... contemplate switching to a two week delay between batches....

Thanks to all who voted on my poll, and anyone who actually reads this. I have decided that batch 2 will be a Chocolate Stout and there is only one reason why. Batch 3 will not be ready to drink until around May 22nd, and a heavy stout is more of a winter beer which would not be a great in June.... don't let that fool you, because I will drink any beer any time of year. If I brew it as my next batch, brew night will hopefully be Thursday April 1st, which is the day before we leave for Mexico, this means it will be ready to drink around May 1st. If I don't brew it now, I will probably not try brewing a stout until the fall.

So I apologize for those of you that wanted to try my Pale Ale. You will have to wait until June.

Dates to look forward to:
April 1st - Brew Day - Chocolate Stout
April 10th - Brown Ale ready!
April 24th - Brew Day - Pale Ale
May 1st - Chocolate Stout ready!
May 22nd - Pale Ale ready!

Batch 4 to be announced.

** disclaimer ** None of these dates have been approved by my wife, therefore, dates are flexible.

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