Tuesday, March 30, 2010

American Brown Ale is Bottled

I'll keep this one short and sweet-

There was no further drop in gravity during the secondary fermentation. The beer still has a strong "off taste" (kinda bitter) that doesn't linger. Hopefully that goes away while it matures and carbonates in the bottle.

The beer was transfered to a bucket for bottling where 3/4 cup of dextrose was used as a priming sugar. Bottling went smoothly but the sanitation process of the bottles seemed like an eternity.... I do not enjoy the sanitation part of homebrewing.

here are a few pictures from bottling day:

Transferring to the bottling bucket - priming sugar already added

The bottle filler worked very well and wasn't messy at all. - I am used to bottling carbonated beer at the Brew Kettle and you have to deal with quite a bit of foam over.

The capper

Capped bottles and the test jar for a hydrometer reading

A little taste for myself. What a nice dark looking beer, it will look even better with a nice frothy head on it!

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