Monday, July 5, 2010

Updates - Finished Brews

I apologize for the lack of posts ... the real reason is that I brewed so much, I ran out of bottles and I couldn't drink it fast enough to free up some bottles.... I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Today I am brewing Moonstone Light, which will be a very dry, light bodied beer, I'm also toying with the option of adding lime to half of the batch.

For now, all I can give you are some pictures of the current brews that are being served here at the brewery. (my basement)

Orange Peel Ale - This beer is a great Pale Ale, however, I don't taste the Orange and coriander coming through as strong as I would like.

Apfelwein - what can I say? Simply delicious, easy to brew, and it'll fuck you up! look at that thing bubbling,

Strawberry Blonde - I have only tried one so far and it is interesting..... I need a second, third, and fourth opinion. you can definitely taste the Strawberries.

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