Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moonstone Rusty Cap Red

The Amber Ale is ready and I think this might be my best yet. Although I love the Chocolate Stout, the Amber Ale is easier drinking and it will cater to a wider group of people. Rachelle approves, and when she is happy, everyone is happy. Brew day post is HERE.

Moonstone Rusty Cap Red

I have renamed this brew ``Rusty Cap Red`` because of its rusty copper color and the fact that when I boiled the caps to sterilize them, I left them wet too long..... some of the caps are actually genuinely rusty. We keep it real around here.

Other Updates:
-Apfelwein is bottled - I chilled a glass and drank it flat, it was amazing already. this stuff is supposed to improve vastly with age, I doubt I will ever know for sure.
-Strawberry Blonde base recipe brewed - The Blonde is fermenting, after about 7 days I will add the strawberries. I will post about this.
-Orange Peel Ale fermentation with the Nottingham yeast was out of control - I need to MacGyver a blow-off tube if I use this yeast again.
-Next brew will be Chocolate Stout V2
-Next Cider will be a recipe I found for Graff which is a cider brewed with malts and slightly hopped. I will likely do this one at the same time as the Chocolate Stout.

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  1. This is all getting really confusing. Perhaps a flow chart would help me stay on track. Or maybe staying sober could help me, but I doubt I will ever know for sure.