Monday, May 17, 2010

Next Recipe - Orange Peel Ale

I've decided to push back my Caramel Cream Ale to the fall as I have decided to brew some beer better suited for the hot summer months. I'm excited to go ahead with a Strawberry Blonde, however, the base recipe "Easy Blonde" is still a week or two away from a true taste test. (even though I cheated and had two after only one week in the bottle - it was good ... this blonde is still quite young yet, and i'm sure I will prefer a more mature blonde)

So, this morning while ridding my bowels of yesterdays Chocolate Stouts and Caramilk Bailey's Slushies (Thanks Brent) I was on my laptop and I stumbled across another recipe on the home brew talk forums that appears to be quite a hit. Cascades / Orange Pale Ale
I will be using the partial mash recipe of course, and modifying and subbing as needed. This is what I have come up with:

2.75 litres - Pale Malt Extract
2lbs - Crystal Malt
1oz - Cascade (60 min)
1oz - Cascade (10 min) 
1oz - Cascade (5 min) 
1oz - Cascade (1 min) 
1oz - Coriander Seed (10 min) 
6g - Irish Moss (10 min) 
2oz - Orange zest (10 min) 

10g - Mauri Ale Yeast

Primary - 10 days
Secondary - 14 days
I don`t know if this extra time is necessary, I think 7 and 7 is fine....I will go by gravity readings in the primary and my empty bottle supply in the secondary.

Hopefully I can find some time this week to go shopping and brew this one up.

On Deck: Strawberry Blonde

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